Hands On! Del-Ton AR-15s Make the Grade


What's that they say about something that's become really popular? You can't throw a dead cat without hitting an AR-15 manufacturer.

That might be taking literary license with the distance I can toss a deceased feline, but let's face it: Lots of people are making AR-15s.  That's because lots of people are buying AR-15s. And it's because AR-15s are versatile, durable and just plain cool.

As is the nature of the business world, everyone is trying to be something different so their product stands out. Some offer high performance. Some offer cool options. Some offer low price. I recently got my hands on a couple of AR-15s that offered all of those elements, and from a company that isn't pretentious or overbearing.

Del-Ton Inc. has quietly been selling AR-15 parts for years, and it's now assembling and selling its own rifles. These are fantastic AR-15s, built with top-grade parts in a dizzying array of configurations. The company offers options for anything from entry guns to patrol rifles to guns suitable for three-gun matches.

And they shoot — and keep shooting! As you know, AR-15s all look about the same and have the same basic operating controls. But my introduction to the guns was at a range with about a dozen other gun writers who were more than happy to go churning through Del-Ton ammo. No one experienced a hiccup. These guns had it all: accuracy, fit and finish — with great pricing.

If you want to get your hands on a Del-Ton AR-15 rifle, check out www.americantactical.us, and to see Del-Ton's full line of parts and accessories, check out www.del-ton.com.


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