Dairy Staters Like Their Handguns


Media outlets around the nation reported a surge in firearm sales due to Senator Barack Obama’s presidential victory. Wisconsin, though, seemed to be the sales winner, as retail handgun buys here jumped up 82%, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

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“Most of the early November background checks took place after the Nov. 4 presidential election, a sign that gun owners anticipate new restrictions with Democrats taking control of the federal government,” the Journal Sentinel noted.

“Calls for background checks that are required for the purchase of handguns have flooded the state agency. In the first 13 days of the month, 2,642 background checks were requested. During the same 13 days last November, the number was 1,453, state Justice Department spokesman Bill Cosh said.”

Ammunition was on the minds of gun owners, too.

“I went out and stocked up on ammo,” said Kyle Troeger of Muskego. “I bought 20 cases of rifle ammunition.”

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