Carry Cuffs off duty or as a CCW?


Lots of people ask what should be carried off duty or as a CCW holder. The obvious is a pistol. Do you need a spare magazine? It's a point that could be argued. Most gunfights last only a few seconds and include less than six shots. But once the shooting is done, you might want to do a tactical reload as you wait for the authorities to arrive. How about a flashlight? I think that is a big yes… a hand-held flashlight is a great tool. It is lights up the dark, can be used as a force option and can be used to employ combative moves if you need it. So… yes, carry a flashlight.

Now, for handcuffs. They are, quite simply, a pain in the ass. The use of handcuffs requires training. Think about it. Joe Dirtbag comes face-to-face with your pistol and decides to surrender. You order him face down on the ground and decide to move in for the cuffing. This is the most dangerous time in the encounter. You are within arm's reach. You have put your gun away and you don't know what Mr. Dirtbag will decide to do. Unless you are trained and experienced with tactical ground cuffing. Stay back and hold the guy at gunpoint while you wait for the cavalry to arrive.

Do you need a knife? Well, unless you are going to be opening some boxes, I would say no to tactical folder. Don't get me wrong, they are great tools. But my edged weapon is a Ka-Bar/TDI knife. And it will only ever come out of the sheath if I'm locked in mortal combat and feel I can't use any other options.

So… what do you think?



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