The Elimin8r .45: Lone Wolf’s First Suppressor


Lone Wolf has just released the Elimin8r .45, their first suppressor. It’s light, modular, and rated for full-auto fire.

Elimin8r .45 Features:

  • Up To 10mm Caliber
  • Rated For Full-Auto
  • Modular Design
  • Weight: 10.1oz (W/ .578×28 Piston)
  • Overall Length: 8.45 Inches
  • Diameter: 1.375 Inches

Lone Wolf, best known for its Glock parts and accessories, has just released their first suppressor. Already having ventured into making their own pistol slides and 80% polymer frames, Lone Wolf is now utilizing their manufacturing capabilities to enter the suppressor game as well.

Lone Wolf Elimin8r .45

They call their new creation the Elimin8r .45. It’s spelled the way you might see written on a Corvette’s license plate, and as the name implies it has a .45 caliber bore. It’s rated for everything up to and including subsonic .300BLK, even when shooting full auto. Its modular design is constructed of eight aluminum baffles and O-rings, removing baffles will make the suppressor more compact while raising the decibel level. This system allows you to find your preferred balance between noise and size with eight levels of adjustment.

Lone Wolf Elimin8r baffles

Lone Wolf also make their own pistons for the Elimin8r, both versions cost $79.95. One is threaded 1/2×28 (common pitch for 9mm) and the other is .578×28 (common pitch for .45 ACP), but the Elimin8r is also compatible with pistons from Rugged, SilencerCo, and Griffin.

With an MSRP of $599.95, Lone Wolf’s new Elimin8r .45 is competitively priced for a modular suppressor rated for so many calibers. It was designed in partnership with Primary Weapons Systems, and you can tell that thought was put into the design. The Elimin8r’s full-auto rating is a testament to its durability and its reverse compatibility with other popular pistons is a nice extra feature. Testing will determine just how quiet this suppressor really is, however, as Lone Wolf makes no specific claims regarding its decibel reduction capabilities.

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