SilencerCo Launches The Hybrid 46M Big Bore Suppressor

SilencerCo Launches The Hybrid 46M Big Bore Suppressor

SilencerCo’s newest suppressor, the Hybrid 46M, brings modularity to an already versatile design and is ready to be thrown on just about any centerfire gun.

Building off of their already popular Hybrid 46 universal suppressor, SilencerCo has just released the new and improved Hybrid 46M. Offering the same caliber and platform versatility as the original as well as ruggedness, the Hybrid 46M is ready to mount to nearly any centerfire rifle or pistol to bring down its sound signature. While the standard Hybrid 46 could also be used on handguns, its lack of modularity left it quite long and heavy. The greatest advantage of the Hybrid 46M is its even greater level of versatility, now capable of being configured in either a long or short configuration. This allows the 46M to excel regardless of the intended host platform.


The versatile nature of the Hybrid 46M means it has a bore large enough to accommodate popular big bore calibers ranging from .45 ACP to .460 Weatherby Magnum. This means that while the Hybrid 46 series can be used on a wider variety of weapons and calibers, it won’t be as efficient at suppressing the smaller ones. A .30 caliber front cap is also included, however, to help reduce noise as much as possible when firing smaller projectiles.

Dewie Vieira, Senior Product Development Specialist at SilencerCo, had this to say on their newest can:

The Hybrid 46M is the perfect tool for shooters hoping to suppress a variety of calibers on both pistols and rifles with only one suppressor…It’s the first modular big bore suppressor ever; it’s the answer for those who want to suppress every small and large bore caliber.

Compatible with virtually all popular suppressor mounts, the Hybrid 46M can likely be be mated to every centerfire weapon in your arsenal. It comes with a Charlie ASR mount in the box, but can also be attached via direct thread, pistons, muzzle devices or a tri-lug.


Constructed using titanium, Inconel and heat-treated steel, the 46M is rated for fully automatic fire and can be expected to be as durable as SilencerCo’s other similar offerings. With an MSRP of $1,117, this may now be the most enticing option for the prospective one-can-man.

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