Liberty Suppressors Releases Leonidas Gen 2

Liberty Suppressors Releases Leonidas Gen 2

Liberty Suppressors have just released the Leonidas Gen 2, an integrally suppressed AR-15 upper that only requires a single tax stamp.

Suppressors of all kinds, but especially integrally suppressed AR uppers, would be far more popular in the U.S. if it weren’t for the NFA. See, integrally suppressed AR upper designs typically feature a barrel length below 16 inches, forcing owners to register the lowers they’re attached to as SBRs as well as the suppressors themselves.

Liberty Suppressors has been one of the leading integrally suppressed AR upper brands since the launch of the original Leonidas Ti, in part thanks to the fact that the suppressor modules are directly welded to the barrels. This detail brings the barrels' overall length to over 16 inches, eliminating the requirement to register the lowers they're mated to as SBRs. The new Leonidas Gen 2 upper capitalizes on the same design, keeping it a one-stamp item while also reducing the overall length and improving suppression capabilities compared to the first generation.


The Leonidas Gen 2 upper is designed for .300 BLK and features an 8.3-inch chrome-lined Criterion barrel (1:7 twist), an 8-inch monocore suppressor (titanium tube and core) and a 5.5-inch reflex chamber. Combined, this brings the total length of the integrally suppressed barrel to 16.5 inches. This ensures that the unit will only require one tax stamp while still coming in at 1-inch shorter than the original Leonidas upper.


Despite the shorter length, Liberty Suppressors claims that the new model should be at least as quiet as its predecessor. This is aided by the addition of an adjustable gas block, enabling users to tune it for reliable cycling even with subsonic ammunition. Each Leonidas Gen 2 will also feature a 12.5-inch railed handguard, allowing for the mounting of lights close enough to the muzzle to not obscure the beam.


The complete Leonidas Gen 2 upper as built by Liberty Suppressors has an MSRP of $2,295, but prospective purchasers can also choose “option B” which allows them to supply their own upper receiver, gas block and handguard for the build. The latter option has an MSRP of $1,174 and both are available now.

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