First Look: SilencerCo Harvester EVO Suppressor

First Look: SilencerCo Harvester EVO Suppressor

SilencerCo’s new Harvest EVO suppressor is now lighter than ever and designed to be a perfect match for your hunting rifle.

One of the most practical applications for a suppressor is hunting. By eliminating the need for a hunter to wear hearing protection in the field, not only is their level of awareness heightened but their hearing is preserved and the great outdoors stay quieter. With most suppressors on the market designed more for tactical or defensive use, specialty hunting suppressors like the SilencerCo Harvester prioritize features that are most appreciated by those who use them to take game. Now, SilencerCo has upgraded and enhanced its Harvester line with the release of the new Harvester EVO.

SilencerCo Harvester EVO

SilencerCo’s Senior Product Development Specialist Dewie Viera had this to say on the Harvester EVO:

The most impressive phenomenon of the Harvester EVO is its lightweight nature despite being created from rugged, hard-use materials…Weighing just 10.8 ounces, it is constructed of 17-4 heat treated stainless steel, Inconel and cobalt 6 with a tubeless design. This gives the EVO an edge over other hunting suppressors.

The Harvester EVO can be used on calibers ranging from .223 Remington to .300 Winchester, but its noise-reducing effects will be most effective on .30 caliber guns. The suppressors attach using Bravo mounting accessories, and each can ships with direct thread 1/2×28 and 5/8×24 mounts. When firing .308 Winchester, SilencerCo reports that the Harvester EVO has an average decibel level of 133.1 dB.

Harvester EVO

The biggest improvements found on the new Harvester EVO are its shorter length and reduced weight, all done without compromising durability. The materials and construction methods used allow the EVO to be only 6.24-inches-long and weigh in at only 10.8 ounces, both improvements over its predecessor—the Harvester 300. SilencerCo claims that the new suppressor’s attributes will make it less likely to get caught while moving through brush, and its lighter weight will reduce fatigue during long treks. This makes the Harvester EVO an obvious choice for serious hunters looking to hush up their gun.

EVO feature

The Harvester EVO has an MSRP of $680 and is available now through SilencerCo retailers. For more on SilencerCo, please visit

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