First Look: Dead Air Silencers Sierra-5 5.56 Suppressor

First Look: Dead Air Silencers Sierra-5 5.56 Suppressor

Dead Air Silencers has just unveiled the Sierra-5, the company’s first dedicated 5.56 NATO sound suppressor available in two configurations.

Dead Air Silencers is one of the leading names in the suppressor game, but as diverse as their catalog has been, it’s always been conspicuously lacking a dedicated 5.56 option. Recently unveiled at NRAAM 2022, the company is now offering the 5.56 Sierra-5 suppressor in two configurations.

Sierra-5 Xeno (left) and Sierra-5 KeyMo (right).

As a dedicated 5.56 suppressor, the Sierra-5 is reported to be supremely quiet, even during sustained fire. The 1.55-inch diameter tubes are made from stainless steel and the baffles are Stellite, allowing the Sierra-5 to be full-auto rated with no restrictions on barrel length. The front caps are compatible with Dead Air’s R-Series and the mounts use Dead Air’s HUB system, allowing the Sierra-5 to be attached using fixed, KeyMo and Xeno style mounts.


Speaking of mounting systems, that’s what differentiates the two available Sierra-5 configurations. The suppressor can be purchased as either the Sierra-5 Xeno or the Sierra-5 KeyMo, and as the name implies, each will ship with the respective flash hider mount and adaptor. The larger size of the KeyMo adaptor is what makes that version about a half-inch longer than the Xeno model (5.72 inches versus 6.27 inches), but both feature the same minimalist profile and tube diameter. With adaptors attached, the KeyMo Sierra-5 weights slightly more as well (15.4 ounces versus 13.3 ounces).

The tubes are given a high temp Cerakote finish as well as knurling borrowed from the Dead Air Wolverine, making the Sierra-5 as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.


Dead Air co-founder Mike Pappas said this on the new 5.56 cans:

We’ve been working on this for a while. We’ve designed the Sierra-5 from the ground up to be a dedicated 5.56 suppressor. It sounds amazing. It’s lightweight and has uncompromising durability for the professional…We really feel this combination alone will appeal to hunters and tactical shooters alike.

The Sierra-5 Xeno has an MSRP of $859 and the Sierra-5 KeyMo has an MSRP of $929. Each suppressor will ship with the appropriate adaptor, mount and tools for installation, and both models should be available through dealers soon.

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