Daniel Defense Announces Daniel SoundGuard Suppressor Line

Daniel Defense Announces Daniel SoundGuard Suppressor Line

Daniel Defense has just announced the Daniel SoundGuard suppressor line, featuring three models of rugged, hard-use rifle cans.

Daniel Defense has just partnered with KGM Technologies to release the Daniel SoundGuard suppressor line. The new series is being launched originally with three models, the SG-556, SG-30 and the SG-30Ti. The new rifle cans were designed with mitigating backpressure in mind and are being marketed as rugged, reliable and capable of withstanding abuse.

SG-556, SG-30 and SG-30Ti (left to right).

As the suppressors’ names suggest, the SG-556 is a dedicated 5.56/.223 can, the SG-30 is a .30-caliber can and is rated for everything between .223 and .300 PRC, and the SG-30Ti is rated for the same but is constructed out of titanium instead. All three models feature a 1.75-inch tube diameter, but the titanium model is .75-inches longer than the two 7-inch steel models. While longer, the titanium Daniel SoundGuard is much lighter as well, weighing about 7 ounces less than its steel counterparts.  Daniel Defense claims that the KGM technology found inside each suppressor does an impressive job of directing gasses forward and reducing the flash signature to near zero, all while having a minimal effect on accuracy or impact shift.


Marty Daniel, President and CEO of Daniel Defense, said this about the new Daniel SoundGuard suppressors:

Through years of working with multiple military/law enforcement agencies – as well as consumers – our team pinpointed specific criteria for this family of suppressors…In addition to the obvious, sound reduction, limiting the amount of toxic gasses, reducing muzzle flash and accuracy were all critical.


All three models will ship with direct thread mounts for the most common thread pitches for their respective caliber (1/2×28 for the SG-556 and 5/8×24 for the .30-caliber models), but they will be compatible with quick-detach systems like Keymo and ASR as well. The SG-556 and SG-30 share an MSRP of $750 while the SG-30Ti has an MSRP of $1,000.

For more information, please visit danieldefense.com.

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