Extreme Shock Ammo Introduces Affordable Allegiance Ammo Line


Extreme Shock Introduces New Ammo Line
Extreme Shock Ammunition has announced that it will be producing its own line of high quality copper plated, lead core ammunition under the brand name “Allegiance Ammunition.

This new line of ammunition comes in response to the demand for affordable, high quality ammunition and a shortage of components in the market.

Each Allegiance round will undergo the same strict quality control procedures as the Extreme Shock tactical line. The 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .223 and .308 will have the case mouth and primer sealed, or waterproofed to US mil spec standard.

This procedure will give the Allegiance brand of ammunition an estimated 20-year shelf life. Allegiance is economically priced for target shooting, yet performance enhanced for self-defense situations.

Though the .380 ACP is the first caliber available, a 9mm will be available in late October, 2010, with .40 S&W, .45ACP, .223 and .308 following soon after.

MSRP for a 50-round box of Allegiance .380 ACP is $23.66. To learn more about Allegiance Ammunition, call (276) 926-6827. To learn more about the full range of products offered from Extreme Shock Ammunition, visit www.extremeshockusa.net

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