ZeroTech Optics Releases Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO

ZeroTech Optics Releases Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO

ZeroTech Optics has just launched the Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO, a new low power variable optic designed to match the versatility of the AR-15.

Low Power Variable Optics, or LPVOs, are quickly becoming one of the most popular sighting solutions for rifles, especially on AR-15s. The versatility of these scopes is where they really shine, offering true 1X magnification for close-range engagements and greater levels of zoom for shooting at distance. Recognizing the impressive versatility of the AR platform, ZeroTech Optics aimed to match that versatility as they were designing the new Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO.


The Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO uses ZeroTech’s illuminated RAR reticle system, an SFP (second focal plane) reticle that is calibrated in MOA. The reticle features six levels of brightness adjustment as well to accommodate shooting in most light conditions. The scope includes a locking diopter system to help ensure that your 1X magnification stays at 1X, and it also comes with a removable throw lever for speedy power adjustments.


As the name suggests, the Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO features a 24mm objective lens and six levels of magnification adjustment. The optic’s 30mm tube is also O-ring sealed and purged with Argon to ensure it is resistant to water and fog, making the scope well suited for field conditions.  Finally, every air-to-glass surface has been treated with ZeroTech’s Fully Multi-Coated compound for improved light transmission and lower levels of reflection.


Each Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO includes a removable throw lever, a scope cover, a reticle range chart and a microfiber cloth. MSRP is $499 and they’re available now.

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