SHOT Show 2019: Riton’s On-Target RT-S MOD 7 4-32X56 IR Scope


Hitting the sweet spot for price and performance, the Riton RT-S MOD 7 4-32X56mm IR proves a great optics value.

Good glass, it doesn’t come cheap. But when it’s on your gun, my what a difference it makes.

Thankfully, the market has accommodated shooters looking for a top-performing scope that doesn’t require a second mortgage. Certainly, they still cost you a pretty penny – you get what you pay for, after all. But, at the same tick, they won’t put you in the soup line.

A relatively new addition to Riton Optics’ lineup, the RT-S MOD 7 4-32X56mm IR hits a real sweet spot for high-quality, yet affordable optics. The long-range specialist has an MSRP of $1,470, but features the quality glass and high-end assets you’d expect out of a scope twice, if not three times the price. Not a bad deal, if you take precision seriously.

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Perhaps the most notable asset the RT-S MOD 7 4-32X56mm IR brings to the table is its brilliant illuminated reticle. Whether on 4 or 32 power, it makes target acquisition second nature and overall compliments the second-focal plane scope’s Christmas-tree reticle. Furthermore, the Riton optic gobbles up light like a greedy kid, with an ample 56mm objective lens and the company’s performance coating on the lens surfaces. In addition to enhancing images in low-light operations, it also adds a level of scratch resistance, ensuring the overall resilience of the optic.

Absolutely, it’s difficult ponying big bucks for optics. But marrying price and performance, Riton makes it a bit easier with the RT-S MOD 7 4-32X56mm IR.

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