Optics: KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars

Optics: KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars


Capable of ranging at extreme distances and linkable to a smart device, Sig's KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars are set to take your shooting to the next level.

How The KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars Ups Your game:

  • LightWave DSP rangefinder engine ranges out to 5,000 yards
  • HyperScan technology providing 4 range updates per second
  • Linkable to Ballistic Data Xchange riflescope and smartdevice

Over the years, Sig Sauer has transcended the label “gunmaker” to become a full-service firearms and accessories manufacturer. Suppressors, ammunition, laser sights, mounts … if it goes bang, the juggernaut most likely has something to enhance it. Though Sig has drawn the most attention in one area in particular as of late – optics.

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Concocting some of the most cutting-edge aiming devices, the company has carved a solid and distinctive niche into the market. And it continues to roll out the hits. The most recent the KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars. In addition to high-performance glass and precise LightWave DSP range finder that can take reading out to 5,000 yards on reflective targets, it has a software edge on the competition. Linkable to a smart device, thus Sig’s Ballistic Data Xchange app, the KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars help produce real-time shooting solutions.

More from Sig Sauer:

NEWINGTON, N.H. –SIG SAUER Electro-Optics is pleased to announce the 2019 Industry Choice, Optic of the Year KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars are now shipping.


The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binoculars are the world’s most advanced laser rangefinder binocular. They can be used on their own or be paired with a Ballistic Data Xchange (BDX) Riflescope and SIG BDX app. The BDX system allows input of ballistics data and environmental conditions to calculate the exact holdover solution to target. This information is displayed in the KILO3000BDX and can be transmitted to any BDX riflescope to display the exact holdover dot.

The KILO3000BDX Features the revolutionary LightWave DSP™ rangefinder engine for extreme speed and distance capabilities, HyperScan™ technology providing 4 range updates per second, and the Lumatic™ display that automatically calibrates display brightness to ambient light conditions.

KILO3000BDX Rangefinding Binocular Specs:

Range: Up to (1500 Deer)(2000 Trees)(5000 Reflective)
Reticle: Circle
Overall Length: 5.75”
Overall Width: 5.00”
Height: 2.5”
Weight: 31 oz.
Field of View: 320 ft. at 1,000 yards
Eye Relief: 18mm
Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm
MSRP: $1,439.99

For more information on Sig Sauer optics, please visit www.sigsauer.com.


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  1. I’d say THE most advanced laser rangefinder binoculars are the LEICA HD-B 3000. No other LRF binoculars compare in features and quality – IMHO.

    Eric B.


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