First Look: Meprolight MPO Pistol Red Dot Line

First Look: Meprolight MPO Pistol Red Dot Line

We check out Meprolight’s new MPO family of micro pistol optics.

Meprolight has just released the MPO (Micro Pistol Optics) family of handgun red dot sights. The lineup includes a total of six models, with three featuring an RMR mounting footprint and three featuring that of the RMSc/JPoint. Models with an RMR footprint are designated by an “F” at the end of their name and with an “S” for an RMSc/JPoint footprint. Naturally, the RMR models have slightly larger dimensions including their window sizes. All six models also feature shake-awake and a power-saving sleep mode.

MPO-F (left) and MPO-S (right).

Starting off we have the MPO-F and the MPO-S. These open-emitter red dots feature both automatic and manual brightness control over the 10 daylight and 2 night vision settings. The reticle has three modes to choose between, including a 3-MOA dot, a 33-MOA ring or bullseye-style with both the ring and the dot. They run off of a single CR1632 battery and Meprolight says they can last for over 20,000 hours of use.

MPO-DF (left) and MPO-DS (right).

Next up are the MPO-DF and the MPO-DS. These are also open-emitter red dots, but they have a simple 3.5-MOA dot for a reticle and their brightness is only adjusted automatically. The DF model runs off of a single CR1632 battery with an advertised battery life of 15,000+ hours and the DS models has an advertised 20,000+ hour battery life using a CR2032 battery.

MPO PRO-F (left) and MPO PRO-S (right).

Finally, there are the MPO PRO-F and the MPO PRO-S. These are closed-emitter optics so they offer better protection against the elements, and they’re IP67 waterproof and dust rated as well. These have the same dot/ring/bullseye reticle options as the S and F models as well as the same manual and automatic brightness adjustment settings (10 daylight levels, 2 night vision). As for batteries, they use a single CR1632 and have an advertised battery life of 20,000+ hours.

All 6 MPO optics are available now. Meprolight did not publish the official MSRPs, but popular online retailers currently have them listed between about $190 and $360 depending on the model.

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