Holosun Releases EPS And EPS Carry Pistol Reflex Optics

Holosun Releases EPS And EPS Carry Pistol Reflex Optics

Holosun has just released the EPS and EPS Carry, two sizes of enclosed reflex optics ideal for both CCW and competition-oriented pistols.

As pistol-mounted red dots become the norm for both competition shooting and concealed carry, Holosun recognized that many shooters would like a familiar design to use for both applications. The company's solution to this is their new EPS and EPS Carry optics, designed to be functionally identical besides their viewing window size and the class of handgun they're intended to be mounted to.

Holosun EPS Carry fixed

The standard EPS was made with competition shooters in mind with its larger 0.9×0.63-inch viewing window. The EPS Carry instead features a 0.77×0.58-inch window, making it better suited for compact, carry-oriented handguns. Both models feature an enclosed aluminum housing around the emitter to protect it against the elements. This housing is where the EPS and EPS Carry get their name from, as EPS stands for “Enclosed Pistol Sight.” They’re also both rated IPX8 for water and dust resistance, and each optic runs off a single CR1620 battery that can last up to 50,000 hours.

Holosun EPS Carry angle

The optics attach using the Holosun “K” series footprint pattern, and both versions feature Shake Awake and Solar Failsafe technology. These help to ensure that the EPS and EPS Carry will always be ready to project their 2-MOA dot whenever you need it, with no need to turn it on or off. There are eight daylight and four night vision brightness settings that can be manually adjusted as well. The optics’ deck is also low enough to allow for simultaneous use with standard-height iron sights.

Holosun EPS Back

Each optic includes a multi-tool, lens cloth and user manual, and both the EPS and EPS Carry are available with a green or a red dot. MSRP for the standard models is $435.28 and $458.81 for the Carry versions.

For more on Holosun, please visit holosun.com.

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