First Look: Taurus 856 Executive Grade Revolver

First Look: Taurus 856 Executive Grade Revolver

Taurus has just announced the 856 Executive Grade revolver, the first of the company’s new line of factory-modified and improved handguns.

Taurus has just launched a new series of “executive-grade” handguns, starting with the release of the 856 Executive Grade revolver. What distinguishes this series from Taurus’ standard handguns is that each one pays a visit to the “production room” at the company’s Georgia facility, where a team upgrades the guns’ performance and aesthetics. For the 856 Executive Grade revolver, the upgrades to its appearance include a hand-polished satin finish on the stainless steel and a checkered Altamont walnut grip.

Taurus 856 Executive Grade Revolver

The 856 Executive Grade revolver’s performance has been substantially upgraded as well. As a six-shot .38 Special +P revolver with a 3-inch barrel, this gun was designed with everyday carry in mind. To help aid it in this role, each Executive 856’s trigger is hand-tuned to provide a crisper, smoother, more predictable trigger pull. It’s also DAO or double-action-only, as the hammer is spurred to enable a smoother draw. Finally, the Taurus engineers also chamfer each of the 856 Executive Grades revolvers’ chambers to ensure easier reloading.

Taurus Executive revolver angle

Each 856 Executive Grade also includes a Pelican Vault hard handgun case that is lock-compatible and ready for air travel.

856 Executive Grade Pelican Vault case

Previously, the only Taurus 856 revolvers available with 3-inch barrels were in the Defender series, and the most affordable model has an MSRP of about $430. This makes the upgrades given to the 856 Executive Grade revolvers worth about $260, as the new model has an MSRP of $689. It is available now.

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  1. this all seems nice. but I have 3 Taurus revolvers that have to go back to the factory because the firing pin comes out but does not go back in. so the next shots DON’T go off because the firing pin is not where it is supposed to be to get hit by the transfer bar ( which is hit by the hammer and is supposed to hit the firing pin). and while watching Gun SAm on you tube , he has an issue with his M856 that he got new. so I hope Taurus is looking harder at the quality control. until I see them making more guns that work I will not buy another gun from them.


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