German Precision Optics SPECTRA 7.5x50i

German Precision Optics SPECTRA 7.5x50i

German Precision Optics has just entered the fixed power scope market with the release of their new SPECTRA 7.5x50i riflescope.

By combining strict German quality control with large-scale production facilities abroad, German Precision Optics is able to offer high-quality glass at more reasonable prices. The company’s variable power riflescopes, red dots, binoculars and rangefinders have already established a good reputation, but now GPO has decided to venture into the fixed power scope market. Recently announced, the new GPO SPECTRA 7.5x50i scope has several traits that will appeal to the all-around scope user.


The draw of the SPECTRA 7.5x50i scope is its simplicity and versatility. While variable power scopes obviously have their uses, they also add a lot of complexity that not everyone takes advantage of. Many situations that benefit from the use of a magnified optic don’t require the zoom to be adjusted, resulting in a scope with unnecessarily high weight and more failure points. The SPECTRA 7.5x50i with its fixed 7.5x magnification can be lighter and simpler, and even has a larger than average field of view. The scope’s 50mm objective lens also features a GPObright lens coating for the highest possible resolution and light transmission.

The SPECTRA 7.5x50i scope’s body is constructed from a solid 30mm tube that’s dust-proof, waterproof and nitrogen-filled for use in any environment. The scope’s reticle is a standard GPO G4i that uses the company’s GPO iCONTROL illumination system.

GPO SPECTRA 7.5x50i G4i Reticle
Illuminated G4i reticle.

The GPO SPECTRA 7.5x50i scope is powered by a CR2032 battery, and one is even included in the package. The SPECTRA also comes with a cleaning cloth, see-through lens covers and GPO USA’s lifetime warranty. With 7.5-power Magnification and a 50mm objective lens, this scope seems to offer a good balance between fast target acquisition and the ability to reach out and touch something. It has an MSRP of $599.99 and appears to be a good do-it-all scope for a jack-of-all-trades rifle.

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