First Look: Steiner T6Xi Riflescope Series

First Look: Steiner T6Xi Riflescope Series

Steiner has just announced the T6Xi riflescope series, featuring four models of illuminated FFP optics.

Steiner recently unveiled the T6Xi riflescope series. It includes four new models of 6X magnification scopes with illuminated first focal plane (FFP) reticles, and each is tailored toward different shooting applications.

The Steiner T6Xi 5-30×56.

The T6Xi series includes the T6Xi 5-30×56 for long-range precision shooting, the T6Xi 1-6×24 for close-range engagements and the T6Xi 3-18×56 and the T6Xi 2.5-15×50 to bridge the gap between the two extremes. Regardless of the model chosen, each will feature 6X total magnification adjustment and an illuminated FFP reticle with eleven brightness settings (seven for day, four for night).

The Steiner T6Xi 1-6×24.

Speaking of reticles, there are three different styles across the T6Xi line to choose from. The three longer-range scope models can be bought with either the Steiner Multipurpose Sniper Reticle or the Special Competition Reticle, but the T6Xi 1-6×24 is available only with an entirely new reticle instead. Called the KC-1, it was developed in collaboration with Kinetic Consulting and was designed to provide quick acquisition at close-range while still being capable of precision shooting at 6X magnification.

The new KC-1 reticle at 1X (left) and 6X (right).

Other features of the T6Xi series include Steiner’s Low-profile Never-Lost turret system, a locking diopter ring and a magnification throw lever. All models have also been tested and certified as fog proof and waterproof down to 33 feet.

MSRPs on the new T6Xi series range from $1,954.99 at the lowest to $2,874.99 at the highest, and Steiner claims that they will be available soon.

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