Blaser Announces Thermal-Compatible B2 Riflescope Line

Blaser Announces Thermal-Compatible B2 Riflescope Line

Blaser has just announced the B2 Riflescope line, a series of three new scopes that are compatible with thermal devices and optimized for hunting at night.

The Blaser B2 Riflescope line has just been announced, and the three new scopes it includes aren’t just everyday hunting optics. Designed from the ground up to be ideal for nighttime hunters, the Blaser B2 scopes are compact, robust and compatible with clip-on thermal devices.


The new lineup currently includes three Blaser B2 models, including the 1-6×24 iC, the 2-12×50 iC and the 2.5-15×56 iC. Regardless of the variant selected, all feature 6X magnification, a 30mm tube and are made in Germany, so typical high-quality manufacturing can be expected. The scopes also aren’t merely compatible with clip-on thermal devices, but have been optimized for their use. The major design features that facilitate this include a shorter overall length and more robust construction. By being more compact, it makes it easier for a user to operate the thermal device from a shooting position and brings the setup’s center of gravity further back. The stronger construction is for better managing the increased stress and weight that are present when shooting with a thermal device installed.


Jason Evans, CEO of Blaser Group USA, said this about the Blaser B2 scopes:

The Blaser B2 riflescopes feature excellent German-built optics optimized for big game hunting and for use with the Liemke clip-on thermal devices…The premium optics and design make this line of scopes ideal for all hunters who want the option of hunting in daylight or darkness, which thermal clip-ons make possible.


Additional features of the Blaser B2 line include SFP 4C illuminated reticles, hydrophobic lens coatings and an optional inner rail to accommodate a wide variety of rifles. Blaser Ocular Flip Covers are sold separately, but all of the B2 scopes can also be ordered with the QDC+ (Quick Distance Control+) feature. MSRPs for the optics start at $1,700.

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