Choate C. Mod. Stock Adds Modularity To Bolt-Actions

Choate C. Mod. Stock Adds Modularity To Bolt-Actions

A modular design that allows you to swap fore-ends and buttstocks, Choate's C. Mod. system helps make bolt-action rifles more adaptable.

How does the C. Mod. make bolt-actions more adaptable:

  • Buttstock and fore-end are removable and replaceable.
  • Action and barrel are held firmly in place through chassis system.
  • Choate offers two different fore-end and three buttstock styles.

Wiggle room, usually not good on a bolt-action. Unless you’re talking adaptability, in which case, more often than not, there’s almost none. The issue – the action.

C. Mod. Stock 3

Unlike the AR-family of rifles, to pull off its duty a bolt-action must be firmly bedded into its stock, otherwise, bad things happen. Minute-of-barndoor bad. In turn, you’re fairly set with your rig once you’ve chosen its stock, particular applications be damned. While most riflemen have accepted this limitation given the precision payoff, it’d be nice to have some options open to modifying a turn bolt. That is, without making it a complete weekend project.

The same notion must have occurred to the folks at Choate Machine & Tool because they’ve cooked up what might prove the answer. The Choate Modular Stock (C. Mod.) allows you to swap the buttstock and fore-end, all without disturbing the fit of the action into the stock. In turn, the chassis system puts multiple configurations at your fingertips, allowing you to adapt your rifle to the task at hand. Handy to say the least.

C. Mod. Stock 1

The heart of the C. Mod. system is a solid-aluminum chassis, precision machined to tight tolerances. The rigid skeleton keeps the action and barrel in place, providing a solid shooting platform. From there the buttstock and fore-end simple detach and replace with the style that best fits your needs at the moment. There is a catch. You can use any buttstock or fore-end you want, as long as it’s from Choate Machine & Tool. Yup, proprietary, so we’re not quite at a Mil-Spec equivalent for the bolt-action yet.

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As of writing, Choate Machine & Tool has two styles of fore-end – target/varmint style and sniper/tactical. In both cases, they come with T-rail and bipod adapters. As far as buttstocks, there are three in all – basic tactical, target/tactical (adjustable LOP and cheek piece) and C. Mod Rifle Stock. The last features a telescoping AR-style buttstock (compatible with any AR buttstock) and a pistol grip folding stock.

C. Mod. Stock 2

Other notable of the C. Mod., include AR-style magazine release and compatibility with cartridges with an overall length up to 2.86 inches – including .308 Win., 6.5 CM and .260 Rem. It also comes with two magazines and the required action screws. Though, Choate Machine & Tool had no note on compatible actions. And the C. Mod. – if you’re dying for a modular bolt-action – doesn’t exactly ring up cheap with an MSRP $710. Though, if adaptability is your thing, it’s probably a value.

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