Arrowhead Tactical Apparel: Comfortable Concealed Carry

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel: Comfortable Concealed Carry

The concept of “dressing around your gun” is disappearing as companies like Arrowhead Tactical introduce clothing that allows you to carry concealed without sacrificing comfort.

Many Americans enjoy staying armed as often as possible, some because of where they live and others simply out of principle. Regardless of your reasoning, it can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Many daily activities require clothing that isn’t conducive to carrying a firearm, and these days many people simply prioritize comfort over style when it comes to their usual wardrobe. For years, CCW experts have promoted the concept of “dressing around your gun”, the idea that your concealed weapon of choice takes priority over what you’re going to wear, and if that means wearing a jacket on a hot summer day to conceal your Desert Eagle then by golly, that’s what you’re going to do. As CCW culture explodes around the nation, however, companies like Arrowhead Tactical Apparel are finding ways for concealed carriers to have their cake and eat it too. Purveyors of “tactical apparel” geared towards concealing a firearm, Arrowhead Tactical has several comfortable, innovative and stylish options that can help to ensure you stay armed anywhere you go.

How They Do It

Whether they’re going to the gym, running around the block or just trying to stay comfortable, athletic-style clothing is what many people choose to wear on a daily basis. Unfortunately for concealed carriers, however, the elastic waistbands found on clothing of this style combined with the lack of belt loops make carrying anything heavier than a cellphone almost impossible. To solve this, Arrowhead Tactical has designed what they call the Carrier Rapid Clasp Retention Belt—an internal and removable belt system that enables traditional IWB carry with Arrowhead Tactical athletic shorts, sweatpants and joggers. The internal belt is strong enough to support the weight of full-sized handguns and is compatible with multiple styles of IWB holsters. These tactical apparel options can provide their wearer with the comfort and look of athletic-style clothing while still easily supporting a duty-sized pistol with a weapon light and spare magazines.

arrowhead tactical belt

The Options

The three main concealed carry clothing options from Arrowhead Tactical are their carrier shorts, sweatpants and joggers. All garments are constructed from a breathable cotton and polyester fabric blend and feature a comfortable and loose athletic-style fit. Each of the different styles is available in a few color options and they feature minimal branding. They do a good job of remaining subtle yet stylish, blending in with other generic athleticwear without screaming “I am carrying a firearm.” The shorts and joggers also have internal magazine pouches in their zippered rear pockets, as well as pockets designed to carry a knife on each hip.

Arrowhead shorts and sweatpants

Arrowhead Tactical also offers what they call the standoff hoodie. The standoff hoodie's standout CCW feature is its internal, buttonable pocket that can facilitate a concealed, preemptive draw. The pocket functions as normal when buttoned, but can quickly be bypassed to give access to one's waistline while still appearing to have one's hands in their pocket. This can give the edge in a defensive scenario where the element of surprise may be important.

Arrowhead standoff hoodie

The Arrowhead Tactical carrier joggers, sweatpants and shorts have MSRPs of $99.99, $84.99 and $64.99, respectively. The standoff hoodie has an MSRP of $64.99 as well. All of these options appear to be extremely functional and comfortable, and they enable more people to carry more often. As companies like Arrowhead Tactical bring more CCW-oriented clothing to the market, the less concealed carriers will have to dress around their gun.

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