Cimarron Announces 1897 Trench Gun Replica Is In The Works

Cimarron Announces 1897 Trench Gun Replica Is In The Works
Cimarron CEO Mike Harvey with his WWII trench gun.

Cimarron Firearms, known for their replicas of classic American guns, have begun working on their next project: the 1897 Trench Gun.

The 1897 trench gun, a pump-action 12-gauge first designed by John Browning and manufactured by Winchester, is a true American icon. It’s been one of the most recognizable weapons from America’s arsenal since it was first fielded in the Philippines in 1899, and it’s been winning hearts and minds ever since. The design saw action in the Old West, WWI, WWII, Korea and even the early stages of Vietnam. Frequently featured in movies, television and video games, it’s no wonder why the 1897 trench gun is sought after by so many. Unfortunately for the average American gun owner, this classic shotgun has been nearly unobtainable for years. Original Winchester trench guns are collectible and expensive, and Chinese Norinco clones haven’t been brought in for years either.

WWI Trench Gun RIA
Original U.S. WWI Trench Gun. Photo:Rock Island Auction Company.

Thankfully, a glimmer of hope has just shone through for those who have been wishing to own one of these American staples themselves. In a video published in September, Cimarron Firearms CEO Mike Harvey announced that he’s chosen the 1897 trench gun as Cimarron’s latest project to bring to market. The news was delivered as he displayed his personal Winchester 1897 trench gun from WWII, a very well-maintained example featuring a U.S. property mark and flaming bomb stamp. Mike stated that this gun was going to serve as the basis for their reproduction model moving forward.

Cimarron 1897 trench gun
Cimarron CEO Mike Harvey with his WWII trench gun.

The project is still in such early stages that many details remain unknown. As of now, there is no announced release date or price, and Cimarron is seeking feedback from customers to help further guide the development process. Details like whether you’d prefer their 1897 trench gun to be a takedown model or capable of slam firing are still in the air, and your opinion could influence what Cimarron decides to do. With such a classic design, there will undoubtedly be many individuals waiting to hear updates on Cimarron’s progress, but in the meantime, all we can do is hope that the final product will be sturdy, reliable, historically accurate and reasonably priced.

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  1. !897 Trench Shotgun replica…
    I am first in line…Please…I want one so bad…You have no idea…
    Mike Harvey is my number one hero of all time…..


  2. The State-owned Northern Industries, Norinco, a branch of the Chicom totalitarian government (Peoples Army) produced a copy of the 1897 shotgun a few years back.
    I guess that if there’s a big enough retro market for Colt SAA revolvers, JMB’s 1911, & SA’s new BHP, there might be room for the 1897……

  3. Yeah, but will it fire upon closing the bolt if the trigger is held back? That’s what made the original such a fearsome firearm.


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