Winchester Releases 300 Blackout Power-Point Ammunition

Winchester Releases 300 Blackout Power-Point Ammunition

Winchester has just added 300 Blackout to its Power-Point ammunition line, featuring a 150-grain expanding projectile.

Winchester claims that its Power-Point ammunition line features one of the company’s most versatile projectiles. Power-Point bullets have been reliably used by hunters for decades in other calibers, but now 300 Blackout shooters have the option to as well.


In 300 Blackout, Power-Point ammunition is loaded with a 150-grain projectile with a traditional cup-and-core design. The reliable expansion and simple construction of this design makes it ideal for hogs, deer or even black bear. Winchester advertises the new ammo as having a muzzle velocity of 1,890 fps when measured from a 16-inch barrel, and while this means that it isn’t subsonic, it should provide better expansion for hunters.

Ballistics table for Winchester's 300 Blackout Power-Point ammunition.

Winchester has stated that 300 Blackout Power-Point ammunition is shipping to dealers now and should be on store shelves soon. While an MSRP is not yet available, this excerpt from the press release implies that it will be reasonable relative to the average price of 300 Blackout:

It also is a simple and more cost-effective design, which is attractive to high-volume hog hunters or those who want to get in plenty of practice at the range without breaking the bank.

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