SHOT Show: Aguila Ammunition 300-Count Box Of 5.56 Bulk Ammo


Aguila Ammunition takes the guesswork out of bulk 5.56 ammo purchases.

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. That’s certainly the case with the new bulk 5.56 NATO ammo out of Aguila Ammunition.

Demurring from reinventing the wheel, the ammo-maker continues to offer its uncompromising 55-grain loads shooters have come to love. The difference now is how many they offer per box – 300. If you have any familiarity with AR-15 magazines it shouldn’t take a math genius to see where this is going. It could be 10 fully loaded 30-round or 30 10-round magazines, you’ll always have exactly enough without any pesky stragglers leftover. That’s handy.

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The loads themselves are also something to crow about. The 55-grain FMJBT is one of the company’s cornerstone 5.56 options, renowned for its accuracy and reliability. A muzzle velocity of 3,260 fps, the round has the predictable performance at this bullet weight, giving you a range or competition options that is spot on. Aguila Ammunition specializes in range and competition ammunition, so they know their stuff and it shows in its 5.56 offerings. And now it’s all the more convenient that it comes in practical 300-count boxes.

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