Remington Ammunition Announces 10mm Golden Saber

Remington Ammunition Announces 10mm Golden Saber

Remington Ammunition has just announced three new varieties of 10mm Golden Saber ammo, including Bonded, Defense and Defense Compact.

Remington Golden Saber is widely considered to be some of the best defensive handgun ammunition on the market. It was at one point only available to law enforcement, but thankfully a variety of Golden Saber calibers and loads can now be purchased by civilians as well. 10mm Golden Saber is the newest caliber to be added to the lineup, and it will feature three different varieties when launched.


All loaded with 180-grain hollow point projectiles, the new 10mm Golden Saber ammo will be available in Bonded, Defense and Compact Defense varieties. Of the three, the Bonded projectiles will naturally produce the most effective results on target due to how the bullets are constructed, but that also comes with the highest price tag of the lot.

Golden Saber Defense and Defense Compact in 10mm are not bonded, resulting in a lower cost per round but also less consistent weight-retention between fired projectiles. Both kinds should still offer excellent expansion, however, making any of the new Golden Saber loads in 10mm a good choice for concealed carry or home defense. The 10mm Defense Compact ammo also has the advantage of being specifically tuned for reliable function in small handguns.  


Joel Hodgdon, Remington’s Director of Marketing, said this on the new ammunition:

Adding 10MM to our Golden Saber line is exciting and it allows us to bring another great personal defense product to self-defenders and concealed carriers nationwide…We have a defensive load for everyone, and the three offerings in this caliber give 10MM fans a leading option.

10mm Golden Saber Bonded will have an MSRP of $41.99/20-round box, and both kinds of Golden Saber Defense will have an MSRP of $35.99/20-round box.

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