First Look: Heavy-For-Caliber Berger .223 Remington Ammunition

First Look: Heavy-For-Caliber Berger .223 Remington Ammunition

Berger .223 Ammo

Berger goes heavy with its .223 Remington options.

Match shooters are no strangers to heavy-for-caliber loads for the .223 Remington. Of course, their stuff is typically hand-rolled. But now the masses have a couple of weighty options when it comes to among America’s most shot cartridges with Berger Ammunition jumping into the game.

On the company’s slate for 2021, .223 Remington 73-grain Boat Tail Target and .223 Remington 77-grain OTM Tactical. As expected from Berger, the additions boast stratospheric ballistics, as well as top-end quality control. All in all nice options if you enjoy stretching your rifle’s legs or bucking the wind on gusty days.

Berger .223 Remington 73-Grain Boat Tail Target

Optimized for top performance in both bolt-guns and semi-autos, Berger’s 73-grain round is designed to outperform current .223 long-range options. The 73-grain BT bullet (.348 BC, G1 Model) has been popular with handloaders for years, known for its superior performance in the AR platform. This is thanks not only to its extremely concentric J4 Target jacket and consistent core weight but also to its flexible tangent ogive design. Conducive with the most common barrel twist rates for the caliber—1:7, 1:8 and 1:9—few should find the round has any hitch in their particular system. Loaded for a 2,820 fps muzzle velocity (out of a 20-inch barrel), the round has the chops for precision work near and far.

Berger .223 Remington 77 Grain OTM Tactical

Engineered as a premium solution for military and law enforcement applications, the 77-grain OTM hits like a freight train. Designed with AR platforms in mind, the round is tailored for 1:8 twist rate and faster, as well as flawless feeding. Again, the 77-grain (.374 BC, G1 Model) provides a superior ballistic coefficient than anything in its class, improving downrange accuracy and performance. Also it boasts a tangent ogive bullet, providing consistent performance across the round’s effective range. And loaded for 2,750 fps muzzle velocity (20-inch barrel), it not only goes the distance, but hits hard when it reaches its destination.

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