SIG Sauer’s LIMA365 Laser And FOXTROT365 Flashlight


SIG Sauer has introduced the LIMA365 and FOXTROT365, low-light accessories that light up the night, while keeping the P365 pistol as compact as ever.

What do the LIMA365 and FOXTROT365 from SIG Sauer offer?

  • The LIMA365 and FOXTROT365 give the P365 low-light functionality.
  • They do this while also maintaining the pistol’s compact size.
  • The LIMA365 boasts a 5 MW red or green laser that has 8 hours of runtime.
  • The FOXTROT365 produces 100 peak lumens and has 60 minutes of runtime.

There are many aspects a gun is built around — barrel, fire control, cartridge. But SIG Sauer turned to a much different feature in conjuring up its latest-and-greatest concealed carry pistol — the magazine.

sig-sauer-light-first - LIMA365

Focusing on and actually re-engineering this facet, the company whipped up what was once a pipe-dream of armed citizens, a double-stack micro-pistol with the silhouette of a single stack. With 10+1 rounds of 9mm on tap in a minute package, many in the shooting and self-defense world have already deemed the P365 the Holy Grail. Given its firepower and 1-inch width, 4-inch height and 6-inch length, they may not be too far off.

A conundrum arises, however, when shooters consider outfitting the P365 for low-light operation. Exactly how do you preserve the striker-fired pistol’s greatest asset — concealability — while outfitting it with the tools to excel in the dark? SIG Sauer has apparently considered this problem and has come up with a solution.

The company recently unveiled the LIMA365 Laser Sight and FOXTROT365 Rail Mount Flashlight, specifically designed to increase the P365’s function, while retaining its compactness.

Where SIG has turned an especially studied eye on the two accessories is not only their size, but also their external designs. The LIMA365 and FOXTROT365 have each had every potential snag point shaved away and streamlined to ensure a draw stroke is clean, even in the tensest situations and heaviest of cover. And they have made both accessories nearly a second thought to operate, eliminating any guesswork in getting them into action.

The intuitive operation of the LIMA365 and FOXTROT365 is primarily achieved through the ingenious situation of their power switches. Designed to become nearly integral with the grip, the laser sight and flashlight activate immediately upon gripping the P365. The devices can also toggle on and off through the pressure-sensitive button, giving users ultimate control.

The LIMA365 is available with a 5 MW red or green laser and can run up to 8 hours on a 1/3N battery. The FOXTROT365 features the latest generation Cree LEDs that produce up to 100 peak lumens and has 60 minutes of runtime.

The laser sight has an MSRP of $179 for the red version and $239 for the green. The flashlight has an MSRP of $179. Definitely, this runs at the pricier end of the market for these accessories, but they could be well worth the money for shooters looking to maintain the overall compactness of their P365.


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