Recoiling Recoil With Kick-Eez Grind-To-Fit Pads

Recoiling Recoil With Kick-Eez Grind-To-Fit Pads
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Constructed of a cutting-edge polymer, Kick-Eez Grind-To-Fit recoil pads take a bite out of your gun's kick.

If you’re like most marksman, the buttstock of your gun rarely crosses your mind. Hey, that rifle or shotgun shoulders “well enough”. Why burn the glucose fretting over such a paltry feature? Then funny things happen at the range. Clays go unbroken and bullseyes remain unperforated.

Troubleshooting these issues generally orbit around the obvious—swing, breath control, trigger squeeze … the fundamentals. However, it might not be as simple as all that. Difficulties sometimes creep around where shooters least expect—the meet-up point between body and firearm. We’re talking the gun’s butt here.

No two shooters are created identical. In turn, the 13.5-inch average length of pull of most long guns makes them awkward in some hands. Additionally, what a shooter can endure while maintaining accuracy also varies wildly. Some take a lot of kick and hit the mark, others not so much.

In either case, a quality recoil pad can make a world of difference in performance behind the trigger. Say, like the Kick-Eez Grind-To-Fit models.

Cutting-Edge Construction

Kick-Eez customizable Grind-To Fit pads aren’t a new player to the game. The Kentucky concern has developed a solid standing over the years with a system that works. That’s saying a lot, given most recoil solutions are more placebo than actual cure. They just hope you don’t notice the difference.

In the proverbial bad eggs’ cases, issues reside in their engineering. Most are hard rubber, perforated in some form to create more give against the shoulder. The problem is they still push all the recoil energy in one direction—and you’re in the way. Plus, they’re constructed out of material that over time and use provides diminishing returns.

Kick-Eez’s difference is a single word—Sorbothane. No, it’s not some made-up marketing term. Instead, it’s a special polymer specifically designed for, well, taking and absorbing a blow so you don’t have to. No joke.

In fancy talk, Sorbothane is what is known as a viscoelastic urethane, which means it’s a urethane polymer with both liquid and solid properties.

Its liquid aspect allows it to disperse force in all directions (think a rock hitting water), thus greatly reducing a blow in a short matter of time and not necessarily into what’s behind it. The solid end of things, basically it keeps its shape, thus can be formed into all sorts of useful things—running shoe insoles and recoil pads to name two. Additionally, it doesn’t lose its properties with use, which is mighty impressive.

So, how exactly does Sorbothane measure up to more traditional recoil pad materials? In the hand it’s obvious. Kick-Eez pads are squishy and supple, almost akin to the meat of the heel of your hand and just as resilient. By the numbers, the company's testing is impressive. Compared to traditional rubber recoil pads, Kick-Eez reduces felt recoil by half. Substantial, enough so even those who aren’t recoil shy will notice a difference.

Tame That Recoil:

Custom Option For Any Gun

Pleasant as reducing a gun’s recoil by 50 percent is, there’s more to the Kick-Eez system. Material can only go so far in creating a long-gun that’s comfortable to shoot. Fit also plays a role.

Too small a gun, you run the risk of excessive recoil. Too large, you’ll struggle with finger placement on the trigger, thus accuracy issues. There are more to each, sufficed to say none of them good.

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Length of pull addresses each and is exactly what Grind-To-Fit pads address. Available in1/2-, ¾-, 15/16- and 1 1/8-inch thickness, the pads lengthen a firearm for a perfect. Need to cajole it further, Kick-Eez also offers a complete line of spacers pads (also made of Sorbothane)—1/8, ¼ and ½ inch in length.

Conceivably, the pad and spacer systems could be used similarly as a fully-adjustable stock, allowing more than one shooter the perfect fit on the same gun. Given Kick-Eez recently expanded this line with colored options, a quick-fit color-coding system for adjustment on the fly isn’t out of the question. Just a thought.

Parting Shot

For most shooters, recoil pads aren’t the belle of the gun accessories ball. This should change.

Recoil isn’t something that should be endured as some sort of badge of honor. It should be tamed, eliminated, thrown on the ash heap of history. The name of the game is hit the bullseye, not bite the bullet.

Furthermore, in this day and age shooters shouldn’t abide ill-fitting guns. It’s the 21st Century for crying out loud! Even your old irons should fit like a well-worn sweater.

Kick-Eez Grind-To-Fit pads solve both dilemmas in one felled swoop. And they do so for less than you’ll pay for a couple boxes of ammo anymore. Honestly, with a solution like that, there’s no reason why you should boot recoil mitigation down the road.

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