New Weapon Fits For Galco VHS Shoulder Holsters

New Weapon Fits For Galco VHS Shoulder Holsters

Galco shoulder holsters can now accommodate weapon mounted lights for the first time with their updated VHS 4.0.

New VHS 4.0 Glock 17/Glock 19 Fits Include Following Light Models:

  • Streamlight TLR-1
  • Streamlight TLR-1 HL
  • Viridian X5L
  • Inforce Wild2

Galco is a big name in the holster world. They’ve been making leather goods since the 1960s and became world famous when their shoulder holster system was prominently featured on the Miami Vice television series. Since then, they have become one of the biggest leather holster providers not only for Hollywood, but for real life law enforcement and military as well. Their shoulder holsters have seen heavy, real-world use from the streets of New York City to the deserts of the Middle East, and while you yourself may not be a grizzled detective or a battle-hardened tanker, Galco’s shoulder holster systems may still be worth looking at if you’d like to more comfortably conceal a large handgun.

Galco VHS 4.0

If you stay up to date with current CCW trends, carrying a larger gun is likely something you’ve given some thought to. Many prominent members of the concealed carry community now advocate for having a red dot and flashlight mounted on your daily carry gun at all times. While both of these accessories can greatly improve your performance in certain situations, many still balk at the idea of concealing that much mass on their beltline. While still possible to do, the presumption that one must carry their gun on their waist is a misconception.

Shoulder holsters still have a place in the CCW world, and for those who’d like to carry a flashlight and red dot on their gun, a shoulder holster may be the best way to go about it. Presuming that your carry setup includes some of the most common pistol models and accessories, Galco’s updated VHS 4.0 shoulder holster may be just what you were looking for.

VHS with WML

The V in Galco’s VHS does not stand for “Video”, despite also being popularized in the 1980s. In this case it stands for “Vertical”, describing the orientation of the pistol in relation to your body. The more famous shoulder holster design immortalized by Don Johnson on Miami Vice is horizontal in nature and has its own pros and cons associated with it. Horizontal designs are typically faster to draw from, but they’re also harder to conceal and are generally considered less safe for the public since the muzzle can flag anyone who happens to be at the right (or wrong) angle behind one. Vertical shoulder holsters on the other hand are easier to conceal but come at the cost of being slower to draw from. One of the main advantages of using a shoulder holster is its ability to conceal a pistol that may not be concealable in any other way, so the vertical design is probably the way to go if you’d like to keep your gun as secret as possible.

The Galco VHS 4.0 was already an excellently designed shoulder holster that has been carried and loved by many, but the additional fits they just added were a massive leap forward in terms of practicality. Now the world-famous shoulder holster company has options for those with modern CCW guns as well as for those who never moved on past the ‘80s.

For those looking for the best way to conceal a full-sized Glock with a WML and red dot sight, look no further than the Galco VHS 4.0. It is available now in brown or black and has an MSRP of $264.

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