First Look: MDT ORYX Bipod

First Look: MDT ORYX Bipod

MDT has just released the ORYX bipod, a functional and affordable design available with two attachment head options.

When it comes to bipod shopping, the options always seem to be dominated by expensive, high-tier models and cheap Chinesium. The number of decent yet affordable bipod options is lacking in comparison. Thankfully, the new MDT ORYX is poised to help fill that gap and offer another functional and efficient bipod at a reasonable price point.


The MDT ORYX is both durable and lightweight thanks to its high-strength polymer construction, and the M-LOK model weighs in at only 11 ounces. On that note, the ORYX is available with either an M-LOK or a sling swivel stud attachment head. It has a height of 7.2 inches to 10 inches (measured by the pivot point), a footprint width of 9 inches to 11.5 inches and the head adjustment has 50 degrees of cant.


Further, the MDT ORYX can be adjusted with a single hand, including stowing, deploying, adjusting cant tension and adjusting leg length. The bottoms of the legs also feature a tire tread-like texture, allowing them to get a good grip in most environments.


The MDT ORYX bipod is available now and has an MSRP of $99.95 regardless of the attachment head style selected.

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