Video: The Swagger Bipods Advantage


Swagger Bipods has re-envisioned how bipods are used, engineering a highly versatile shooting system designed to tackle real-life situations in the field.

A bipod certainly is a handy accessory to have on your hunting rifle. Few other bits of shooting gear do more to shore up a shot. But let's face it, for the most part, when it comes to fast action in the field, a bipod is an advantage shooters only get to utilize every now and again.

Swagger Bipods has set out to remedy this, re-engineering the accessory into a highly versatile system flexible enough to handle nearly any circumstance … or shooting position in the field … a hunt can throw at you. Gun Digest Digital Editor Luke Hartle learns exactly how adaptable the Swagger Bipod is in the above video, and how Swagger has designed their hunting bipods to outperform nearly any other support system out there. As Swagger’s Josh Kinser demonstrates, there isn’t an angle the accessory can't adjust to on the fly, all the while providing a rock-solid rest to improve your shooting skills.

The most intriguing part of the overall design is simply how easy and convenient Swagger Bipods are to use. The unit simply attaches to a swivel stud on your firearm's forearm, requiring no modification to the gun. And being made from high-impact polymer and rugged aluminum, the Swagger adds little overall weight to a firearm, making it a practical upgrade, even for those who trek deep into the backcountry.


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