McMillan A-10 Stock Tailored To Smaller-Framed Shooters

McMillan A-10 Stock Tailored To Smaller-Framed Shooters


Thinned down and shortened in the right spots, the McMillan A-10 Stock gives small-framed shooters a tactical option.

McMillan A-10 Stock Specs:

  • Overall length of stock: 31 inches
  • Depth of action area: 1.9 inch (will vary depending on action model)
  • Max diameter action: 1.5 inch
  • Max diameter barrel: 1.450 inch str
  • Forearm width: 1.9 inch
  • Grip width: 1.8 inch
  • Buttstock width: 1.560 inch
  • Max L.O.P. with 1″ recoil pad: 13.5 inches (spacers can be added to lengthen LOP)
  • Drop at comb: adjustable cheek piece

With more women and youths trying their hands at long-range shooting, this makes sense.

Winnowed down in the right spots, the McMillan A-10 Stock should prove easier to handle smaller-framed shooters. In particular, it has a thinner forearm and a vertical grip positioned further forward to facilitate a more natural grip and finger placement. Most importantly, you can dial the length of pull all the way down to 12 inches.

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At the same tick, McMillan didn’t skimp on the A-10’s tactical features, including a butt hook, shelf for consistent hand placement, adjustable cheek riser. The company offers three options to purchase the stock, a no-inlet version for $338, a basic inlet version (action and barrel canal outline) for $390 and a full inlet version (action, floorplate and barrel canal) for $548.

More from McMillan:

Phoenix, AZ – McMillan® Fiberglass Stocks – From top-level competition and long-range military applications to big-game hunting and recreational shooting, McMillan stocks are widely known for their accuracy-enhancing features and durable construction. McMillan’s all-new A-10 rifle stock, a PRS-style tactical stock designed for shooters of a smaller stature is now available to ship.

The A-10 incorporates many features of McMillan's popular tactical stocks but in a compact format to facilitate the ergonomic needs of smaller-frame shooters. It combines a thinner forearm reminiscent of the A3-5, a butt hook similar to the A-5, and the sleek lines of the A-6 into a well-balanced tactical package. The vertical grip is positioned further forward than other A-series stocks, which allows for a more relaxed 90-degree trigger finger placement due to the shorter trigger reach—perfect for shooters with smaller hands. The grip also features a small shelf that serves as a hand stop to assist in consistent hand placement and reduce fatigue. To further accommodate smaller-frame shooters, the adjustable buttstock can deliver a length-of-pull as short as 12 inches. An adjustable cheek riser ensures optimal head alignment.

“We consulted many of the top shooters in the country throughout the R&D process of the A-10,” said Britainy McMillan, McMillan VP of Operations, “including Regina Milkovich, one of the top competitors in Precision Rifle Series competition. We wanted to know what the pros would like to see in a precision stock, and the result is the A-10. We feel this is the optimal rifle platform not only for women and other small-stature shooters, but especially for the youth shooter. The overall design, coupled with full adjustability in length-of-pull and cheek piece height, provides a stock that younger shooters can ‘grow with and not grow out of.' We also went with the A-10 designation because this is a totally new stock in the McMillan lineup.”

McMillan offers fiberglass stocks across the tactical, hunting, benchrest, competition, and ultralight categories, with many customization options to fit the individual shooter, including adjustable butt plates, cheek pieces, colors, and finishes. Factory- inletted stocks are offered for most popular rifle configurations by an extensive list of leading firearm manufacturers or choose between flat top or basic inletting for gunsmith-level custom builds.

In addition to the all-new A-10 stock, other highlighted McMillan stocks are featured on the website, including the Adjustable A6, Adjustable A-5 Thumbhole, Sentry, A5-22, and the MC3—the industry's first molded polymer stock inletted for a drop-in fit for the popular Remington 700 short- and long-action rifles.

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