Going Light With TruGlo’s TAC•POD Carbon Pro Bipod

Going Light With TruGlo’s TAC•POD Carbon Pro Bipod

truglo tac pod bipod

Constructed from carbon fiber, TruGlo's TAC•POD Carbon Pro Bipod cuts down on your rifle systems weight, while maximizing its ruggedness.

How TruGlo's TAC•POD Carbon Pro Enhances Your Rifle:

  • Lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum construction
  • Padded rubberized feet for positive surface grip
  • Pivoting base for precision leveling on uneven surfaces
  • Long and short models optimized to particular shooting styles

Decking a rifle out for anything except range work, ounces equal pounds should be at the top of the mind. Tack a few things on, next thing you know that lightweight backcountry rifle is a plum drag to tote over hither and yon. Gear makers in recent years have become more conscious of this fact, designing their equipment not only for functionality but also for convenience.

Count TruGlo among them. Best known for its high-visibility aiming solutions, the Texas company recently expanded into featherweight shooting supports with the introduction of TAC•POD Carbon Pro Biopod. As its name suggests, has a healthy serving of carbon fiber in its construction.
The legs of bipod are constructed from extremely lightweight and rugged material, while the base and hinges are made of weight-saving aluminum.

In addition to cutting down on the weight of a rifle system, the TAC•POD Carbon Pro also offers the functionality shooters look for in a bipod. Some of these include Picatinny-rail compatibility for easy mounting, padded rubberized feet for a positive surface grip and pivoting base Constructed from carbon fiber and aluminum, the TAC•POD Carbon Pro offers maximum strength with minimum weight. The mount quickly attaches to Picatinny-style rails and has a rotating design for easy shooting angle adjustment without repositioning the legs. Padded rubberized feet provide positive grip retention and the pivoting base offers precision leveling on uneven surfaces. To that last point, it’s a ball-joint design that, when unlocked, allows the bipod to pan, tilt and roll to adapt to any shooting position or surface pitch.

Get More Gun Tech:

TAC•POD Carbon Pro has equally easy to adjust legs, thanks to twist-lock controls, which allows independent control of each leg. Equally as nice, push-button leg locks for smooth deployment of the system.

Available in two models, short( 6-9 inches) and long (9-13 inches), A push-button leg lock provides smooth deployment—locking the legs in the up or down position. A twist-lock length adjustment allows each leg to independently extend.

As anyone who’s shopped for bipods knows, they generally don’t come in cheap and TruGlo isn’t giving the TAC•POD Carbon Pro away. But with an $82.99 MSRP on the short model and $94.99 on the long model, and given the construction, the bipod proves a relatively good value.

For more information on TAC•POD Carbon Pro, please visit truglo.com.


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