Breakthrough Clean Technologies Releases MSR Carbon Removal Tool

Breakthrough Clean Technologies Releases MSR Carbon Removal Tool

Breakthrough Clean Technologies’ new MSR Carbon Removal Tool is a sleek and handy implement for keeping your AR clear of crud.

Despite being originally advertised as a “self-cleaning” rifle, most AR-15 owners know that it’s best to not let too much carbon build up inside their guns. Here to help clear out that baked-on gunk is Breakthrough Clean Technologies’ new MSR Carbon Removal Tool. For those who aren’t aware, MSR stands for “modern sporting rifle” and was coined to draw less ire from the anti-gun crowd when referring to AR-style rifles. Regardless of how you or Breakthrough Clean Technologies refer to these firearms, the company’s new MSR Carbon Removal Tool is the perfect solution for clearing the crud out of those hard-to-reach spaces.

Breakthrough MSR Carbon Tool

The MSR Carbon Removal Tool isn’t the first of its kind on the gun maintenance accessory market, but it does distinguish itself from existing models. While some other carbon scrapers may have more cleaning implements like brushes built into their design, this also tends to hinder their ergonomics and portability. Both are traits that took priority when Breakthrough was designing their Carbon Removal Tool.

MSR Carbon Tool Retracted

Reminiscent of an out-the-front switchblade knife, the MSR Carbon Removal Tool features two ends and can be protracted and retracted from either direction. The two ends of the scraper tool were each designed with different functions in mind, with parts of the blade specifically engineered for cleaning certain areas of the rifle ranging from the bolt lugs to the firing pin to the carrier itself.

MSR tool functions

The benefits of the Carbon Removal Tool’s retractable nature are two-fold. Not only does it allow for one to carry it in a bag or pocket without worry of damaging other items, but it also provides an ergonomic handle to grasp while actually using the tool to clean. Caked-on carbon can be tricky to get off, and the leverage provided by a long and sturdy handle can make things much easier. With an MSRP of only $18.95, the MSR Carbon Removal Tool would make for a useful addition to any AR-owner’s range bag, especially those who run their guns suppressed.

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