Apex Releases MRAT Comp For The FNX-45

Apex Releases MRAT Comp For The FNX-45

Apex Tactical Specialties has just released the MRAT Comp, a new compensator for the FNX-45 that drastically reduces muzzle rise and recoil.

Apex Tactical Specialties knows its way around pistol upgrades, offering triggers, barrels and plenty of other components for a variety of popular handguns. For those who own an FN FNX-45, the newest upgrade offered by Apex is sure to catch your eye. It’s the MRAT Comp, a compensator that Apex claims can reduce the muzzle rise of the FNX-45 by 40 to 60 percent.


The “MRAT” in MRAT Comp stands for Muzzle Rise Amplitude Tamer, and that it does. It not only reduces the felt recoil but substantially reduces the muzzle rise as well. When tested with a wide range of ammunition, both very light and +P rounds, Apex found that the MRAT results in 40 to 60 percent less climb.


The MRAT's compensating capabilities also result in such a significantly lower slide velocity, that each kit also includes a replacement captive-spring guide rod assembly to enable proper, reliable cycling. The kit includes two brass-tipped set screws and some threadlocker as well, providing you with everything needed to install it. Apex claims that the compensator is quick and simple to mount and have also posted video with instructions on the product page.


The MRAT Comp is available with either a black or an FDE finish to match the options of the FNX-45, with black having an MSRP of $175 and FDE having an MSRP of $200. Black is available now and the FDE model will begin shipping in 6 to 8 weeks after the time of publication.

For more information, please visit apextactical.com.

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