Will NRA Endorse Harry Reid?


Will NRA Endorse Harry Reid?

Why would NRA do that?

We're told Reid has been good on guns (NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre described him as "a true champion of the Second Amendment") and apologists for supporting him will tell you he has kept many bills from coming to the floor — if he is out as majority leader, we might get committed anti-gunners Dick Durbin or Chuck Schumer in his place.

Additionally, Reid was instrumental in opening a new shooting range, the Clark County Shooting Park.

Add to this a key component of NRA's endorsement policy.

NRA has an incumbent-friendly policy that dictates our support for pro-gun incumbents seeking reelection.

Reid has had some good pro-gun votes, which some may dismiss as reflecting political pragmatism as opposed to core principles, especially considering the attitudes of his Nevada constituents. But Erickson also presents a list of anti-gun votes the senator has cast, and these must also be factored into the mix. Read more

Source: Gun Rights Examiner

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