Retailers Expedite Shipping To Washington In Face Of Proposed Assault Weapons Ban

Retailers Expedite Shipping To Washington In Face Of Proposed Assault Weapons Ban

In the face of HB 1240, Washington’s proposed assault weapons ban, some retailers like Stag Arms have stepped up to prioritize shipping orders to the state.

The state of Washington unfortunately appears to be on the brink of a new assault weapons ban being passed into law. Called HB 1240, it’s slated to ban over 60 firearms by name as well as “scary assault weapon” features such as telescoping stocks, threaded barrels, muzzle breaks and pistol grips.

While this is an unfortunate development for the rights of Washington residents, they still thankfully have a chance to stock up before the law takes effect, and the effort is being supported by several pro-2A companies. These companies, such as Stag Arms, are providing a great service by expediting the processing and shipping of orders to the state of Washington. If you live there and are worried about the availability of these soon-to-be banned items, now is the time to order from one of these retailers to ensure that you have what you need or want. The following companies are doing everything they can to ensure that you receive them before the legal cutoff date.

Pro-2A Retailers Expediting Orders Heading To Washington:

Washington residents who want to help preserve their Second Amendment rights by voicing their opposition to this proposed law can do so by contacting The Washington State Legislature Office at 1.800.562.6000 or

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