Safariland SafariVault Duty Holsters Now Available

Safariland SafariVault Duty Holsters Now Available

Safariland has just started shipping its new SafariVault line of retention duty holsters, featuring increased crush resistance and other improvements.

Duty-style holsters aren’t just for law enforcement anymore, as many civilian shooters have been using them for competition, training and other activities for years now. This style of holster offers fast access, solid retention and the ability to easily carry full-sized and accessorized handguns. Safariland has been the go-to manufacturer of duty holsters for years now, but the company’s new SafariVault line is poised to bring the concept to the next level.

Safariland SafariVault feature

Safariland claims that the SafariVault line features “the strongest holster body” of any holster the company has produced. The increased structural integrity of the design reduces flex and improves their impact and crush resistance capabilities. For the latter, it was tested up to 300 pounds. The holster is also rated from -50F to 150F, allowing it to remain functional in nearly any terrestrial temperature.


Besides toughness, the SafariVault line has plenty of other appealing features. It’s compatible with weapon lights, muzzle devices (thanks to its open-muzzle design) and red dot sights (both open- and closed-emitter designs). They feature a removable and self-clearing optics cover as well. The holsters also have a magnetic slide guide to aid with holstering, an auto-tension device to remove rattle and a more easily accessible ALS release mechanism. All SafariVault holsters use the Safariland 3-hole mounting pattern and are compatible with existing holster attachment accessories.

Eric Gasvoda, GM of Duty Gear for Safariland, said this about the new holsters:

SafariVault offers uncompromising strength and incorporates the adaptability required for use with an ever-expanding array of lights and optics, without sacrificing peak performance.


SafariVault holsters are shipping now, and current handgun fits include the most popular Glock and Shadow Systems models. MSRP starts at $190.

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