Volunteers Will Work to Re-Open New Hampshire Shooting Range


In Seabrook, New Hampshire, three men recently volunteered their time and energy to help re-open the town’s local shooting range.  According to the Daily News, town officials recently, “took up the offer made by three men who for years have taught thousands of New Hampshire residents how to shoot and hunt safely.

Don Felch, Jim Goldthwaite and Jim Sanborn, who together teach the state's hunter safety course, have volunteered to take the lead in developing a plan for the reopening of the town's shooting range.”

The range was closed two years ago while a water treatment facility was being built nearby.  To re-open the range, the three men will have to present the town board with a written plan that, “enhances the safety of the shooting range and develops a usage schedule for local residents and local police agencies, both of which have used the range for more than 30 years for practice and to sight their hunting rifles.”

The three volunteers immediately put out the word that they would take any and all help for this important work.  The men must be very persuasive.  No sooner had they asked for help, when a local man pledged $10,000 to the cause!

Source:   Daily News 8/4/11

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