Video: Store Clerk Shoots Would-be Robber


DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — A robbery attempt was foiled after a store clerk shot an alleged thief.

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The incident occurred at the Snappy Convenience Store, located at 115 SE 10th St., Friday night.

Store clerk Samir Al-Madi, 25, told Broward's Sheriff's Office robbery detectives he was on the telephone when he saw a hooded man approaching the store.

According to BSO, when the suspect, 24-year-oldAlexander Brown, pulled out his gun on Al-Madi, Al-Madi reached for a gun and shot Brown in the jaw. Freddy Al-Madi, owner of the convenience store and father of the clerk, said, “He walked in and he tried to kill him. He did not come in here just to rob. The guy was ready. The gun was ready.”

When Brown tried to get up, Al-Madi felt threatened once again and shot Brown again. Brown was taken to North Broward Medical Center. He is expected to survive. Read more


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