Video: Massad Ayoob Glock 43 Review


Massad Ayoob visits Glock Headquarters to check out the Glock 43, a new compact, single stack 9mm handgun.

Following a visit to Glock in Smyrna, Georgia, Mas Ayoob writes of Glock’s little G43:

Neat little gun. More in common with the little Glock 42 .380 that garnered enormous sales after its introduction in January 2014 than with the “baby Glock” G26 of 1996.  Shot straight and reliably during the time I had with it, though I hope to put my already-ordered test samples through more strenuous paces.

As Mas points out in the video, the much-clamored-for single-stack 9mm Glock experienced no issues that could be attributed to the gun — he notes one hiccup from a defective cartridge, and one dropped mag due to user error — and accuracy was excellent.

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