Video: Gun Review of the Heckler & Koch VP9

Video: Gun Review of the Heckler & Koch VP9

Given the shear volume of striker-fired pistols, it's a difficult proposition to get shooters fired up for a new model of the gun. But Heckler & Koch appears to have hit a sweet spot with the introduction of the VP9.

The 9mm (MSRP $719) is the company's first new striker-fired pistol in around three decades and the sleek and sturdy looking handgun has caused ripples across the gun world. As Colion Noir points out in the above video, the gun's aesthetics and ergonomics are top notch and right in line with H&K's hammer-gun catalog. But for Noir and others who have put the pistol through its paces, one feature has stolen the show – the trigger.

Noir makes a pretty bold claim about the VP9's trigger in his review, rating it in the top-three of all stock triggers available. In his opinion, the feel and performance of the pistol's trigger is only second to that of the Springfield XD. He gives some pretty solid reasons why the VP9 stacks up so well, but you'll just have watch the video to see why it has what it takes to beat out the competition.

Does Noir find nits to pick? You bet, but most are slight. The only one that really resonates in the gun review is Heckler & Koch's choice of luminescent dots on the handgun's three-dot sights. While bright after being charged up, their illumination quickly dissipates in the dark – not the best news for those who might have plans to use the 9mm for concealed carry.

The one area not touched upon in the gun review is how it shoots; Noir promises that facet will be covered in an upcoming edition of his new show. Despite no rounds being thrown down range, the short overview is worth watching in its entirety. The video does a fair job of showing exactly what the Heckler & Koch VP9 is all about.


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