Time to make some noise for immigration laws!

There are currently 20 websites bashing Arizona governor Jan Brewer for signing into law Arizona's brand of immigration reform. But there is only one site, her own, where you can show your support. It is www.janbrewer.com

I say go there, sign the petition in support of the actions of state officials in Arizona and in doing so tell everyone that enough is enough when it comes to illegal aliens.

And for the record, I'm not angry because Mexicans are crossing the border illegally. I'm angry because people are crossing the border illegally. I'm sick of seeing the the rallies that say, “I'm not a criminal because I came here illegally.” Guess what? It is illegal to cross the border without proper documentation and take up residence in this country! I don't care what kind of job illegal aliens get when they live here, they still got here illegally and that makes them a criminals.

“But they just want a better life.” A burglar just wants a better life when he breaks into your house to take your stuff. He's STILL a criminal!

If an otherwise good person commits a criminal act, that person is still a criminal. End of story.

So, please, every show support for what Arizona is doing and maybe some other states will follow suit.



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