Employers Breaking Texas Parking Lot Gun Law

Employers Breaking Texas Parking Lot Gun Law
Gun owners in Texas are watching for violations of the parking lot gun law. (sxc.hu image)
Texas gun owners are watching for violations of the parking lot gun law.
Gun owners in Texas are watching for violations of the parking lot gun law. (sxc.hu image)

Texas Parking Lot Gun Law Under Attack

September 1, 2012 was the one-year anniversary of Senate Bill 321 taking effect in Texas. Supported by the National Rifle Association (NRA), SB 321 was an employee parking lot gun law, signed into law by Governor Rick Perry in June of 2011.

In a nutshell, the law prohibits employers from banning storage of firearms in employee vehicles parked in company lots.

Recently, NRA asked Texas gun owners to be on the lookout for employers not following this parking lot gun law. As an NRA press release noted, “We have already received information about companies that are misinterpreting the [parking lot gun law] or ignoring it altogether.”

“In order to comply with this [parking lot gun law]'s provisions, most employers in the state have amended their policies to allow the transportation and storage of firearms in locked, employee-owned motor vehicles parked on company-controlled parking lots. However, the NRA needs your help to ensure that no hard-working, law-abiding Texans remain disenfranchised by employers who refuse to abide by this [parking lot gun law]. Please notify the NRA-ILA by email of any examples of company policies that continue to violate the spirit and intent of the statute, and any instances of employees being disciplined or terminated under such policies.”

Of note, SB 321 did not authorize an employee to possess firearms on any property where such possession was prohibited by state or federal law. In addition, the provisions of the parking lot gun law did not apply to vehicles owned or leased by the employer and used by the employee for work purposes.


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  1. Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds in SC was forced to allow deer hunting on the property after a number of unwanted deer-vehicle interaction.
    It is against company policy to have guns on company property, including employee vehicles.
    Hunting rules specifically prohibited bows.
    Don’t ask a bureaucracy about the contradiction between prohibiting weapons and requiring weapons. (Also one contractor, a logger, routinely and openly brought firearms onto the property.)

  2. This is an interesting topic for sure and one that might be the cause for many around the country to be terminated from their place of employment. I highly recommend if you carry & store, do not let a single person at work know that you do so. It is for your benefit and the benefit of society as a whole, even if it is legal to do so. People unfortunately often have mouths that run like rivers over the bank. All you need is a bad seed to overhear a conversation about so and so who keeps his $500 to $2000 handgun in his vehicle and next thing you know, your weapon has been used in a crime while you were in work. Your vehicle is damaged, you might lose your job and if it was used in a crime and you didn’t have it locked up properly . . . . well, your troubles have just begun. Be SAFE, keep the weapon locked up, no ammo in it or with it and keep your flapper zipped shut. Have a Safe & Great Day : )


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