Tactical Walls Adds New RFID Locking Models

Tactical Walls Adds New RFID Locking Models

Tactical Walls-1242-Black-Open-FKnown for disguising its home firearms storage devices as common pieces of household furniture and decor, Tactical Walls has become an excellent option for those looking to stage firearms throughout the home without drawing attention to that fact. Earlier this year, the innovative manufacturer brought out several new RFID locking models of its secure storage products.

Now, the company is following up that initial move with even more new RFID locking models. With the release of its new RFID locking versions of its 842 and 1242 Rifle Length Shelf (RLS) units, Tactical Walls now offers RFID locking mechanisms on most of its storage devices. The only exceptions include the Tactical Lamp, Wall Clock and Issue Box models.

The 842 and 1242 RLS units are great options for storing a single long gun or several handguns in a disguised compartment inside a fully functional shelf, and the addition of an RFID locking mechanism only improves the utility of these devices. An RFID sensor is located in the middle of each unit, and two locks are on either side to prevent sagging and keep the shelf secure.

Each unit will come with two RFID key cards and one programming card to match the key to the correct unit or units. Access is easy, with a single swipe engaging the mechanism and opening the device. Each RFID card can be programmed to open a single unit or for multiple units if users want several firearms staged throughout the house. If battery power on RFID locking mechanism runs out, the device defaults to an unlocked but closed position.

“Our customers have been asking us to add RFID technology to our Rifle Length Shelves for quite some time now, and we're pleased to now be able to offer them this feature. Our team put a lot of effort into this design to ensure that the craftsmanship is on par with the high standards that Tactical Walls is known for and we're excited to bring these high-quality storage units to the market,” said Chris Wood, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tactical Walls.

The two models each feature medium density polyurethane foam inserts that can be easily cut and shaped to accommodate a variety of home defense firearms and accessories. The inserts come equipped with self-adhesive backing for attaching to the compartment, and optional LED lights are available to illuminate the contents of the unit in low-light scenarios.

Both of the new Tactical Walls RLS models with RFID locking mechanisms are designed for use with standard 2×4 stud framing and are manufactured in the U.S. with real hardwood. Each shelf unit has a maximum hold weight of 25 pounds inside the compartment and 25 pounds on top of the shelf and comes pre-assembled. They are also supplied with a set of two bookend-style shelf brackets for additional support, one foam insert, anchors and fasteners.

The new Tactical Walls 842 and 1242 RLS RFID locking models are available in six different finishes – Early American, Dutch Walnut, Cherry, Black, White and Raw – as well as two different trim types –standard and rope.

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