First Look: New Savage B-Mag Models

First Look: New Savage B-Mag Models

When Winchester introduced the world to its screaming-fast, rimfire .17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) at the 2013 SHOT Show, it did so in conjunction with Savage Arms. A new cartridge needs a new gun to chamber and fire it, and so Savage launched its B-Mag rifle, a bolt-action with a rotary magazine and Savage's excellent adjustable AccuTrigger. The gun, chambered in the new .17 WSM, met with great popularity over the next few years, with varmint hunters recognizing the potential of both the speedy .17 WSM and the Savage B-Mag rifle.

Given the success of the B-Mag line, it's only natural that Savage expand it to include more models. And this is exactly what the manufacturer has done.

This year Savage has introduced a few new models designed to meet some of the specific needs of hunters and target shooters. These include a Sporter model, Beavertail Target model and version with a thumb hole stock with a heavy barrel.

Gun Digest the Magazine Editor in Chief Eric Conn recently got a firsthand look at these new rifles during a prairie dog hunt in South Dakota. In the video above, he discusses these three new Savage B-Mag models and how they performed in the field.


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