Stag Arms Now Offering .300 Blackout AR-15s

The Model 3T, one of six Stag models now available in .300 Blackout. Photo Stag
The Model 3T, one of six Stag models now available in .300 Blackout. Photo Stag

Aside from 5.56/.223, AR-15 calibers come and go. But as times goes on, one particular round appears to be building some staying power.

The .300 Blackout has become more and more commonplace in gun makers’ catalogs. And recently, the eminently suppressible round got a big boost from one company, who has blacked out a good selection of its lineup.

Stag Arms recently announced it’s offering its 16-inch-barreled ARs chambered in the relatively new round. In all, this will include the Connecticut company’s Model 1, 2, 2T, 3, 3T and 3T-M series of rifles.

Choosing one of the carbines in the .30-caliber round won’t blow apart your pocket book; it only costs an additional $50 over the asking price of each model. Presently, that means the prices of the .300 Blackout range from $1,015-$1,205.

Each of the models have a number of different features, especially when it comes to the handguard they are outfitted with. But they also include a number of characteristics that are common to all the new .300 Blackouts.

Along these lines, the most notable is all the chrome-lined 4140 steel barrels have a 1/7-inch twist rate. This faster twist helps the barrels stabilize the large 220-grain bullets often found in subsonic .300 Blackout rounds. All of the barrels also have 5/8×24 muzzle threads, making them compatible with most rifle suppressors available today.

This is the second move Stag has made toward the .300 Blackout, with the company offering complete upper receivers earlier this year.

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