SHOT Show: Great New Shotguns for 2017


Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

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Benelli’s original Super Black Eagle was one of the first semi-auto shotguns to be widely respected in the waterfowl hunting community, and in the years since that initial introduction, its reputation has only grown with serious duck and goose hunters. The new Super Black Eagle 3, the third iteration of this design, incorporates a host of great new features that improve ergonomics, function and appearance. A new Easy Locking System prevents the gun from coming out of battery when abused or from failing to lock up when the bolt is eased shut instead of being allowed to slam into battery – both common issues with some earlier Benelli models. The gun has an enlarged bolt handle, bolt release and safety for easier gloved use, and the recoil reduction system has been tweaked to offer more comfort to shooters with those heavier loads. Available in standard black, or various camo options for $100 more. ($1,899;

Every year, the SHOT Show serves as a massive event where firearms manufacturers can launch their latest and greatest new products to an audience of retailers, law enforcement/armed forces and members of the firearms and outdoor media. This year, in addition to the host of rifles and pistols introduced, manufacturers brought out quite a few excellent new shotguns for 2017.

Whether you’re an avid waterfowl hunter looking for a new fowling piece, a dedicated competitive shooter searching for a new over/under or a homeowner looking for a capable home defense scattergun, firearms manufacturers developed something to fit the bill. Here’s a look at some of our favorite new shotguns for 2017.

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