RISE Armament Adds RA-140 Flat Super Sporting


Giving a new feel to an old favorite, RISE introduces the RA-140 Flat Super Sporting.

How RA-140 Flat compares to other triggers:

  • Single-stage, drop-in trigger
  • 3.5-pound pull weight
  • Made of CNC machined tool steel and aircraft-grade aluminum
  • 2.6-ounce weight
  • Comes with anti-walk pins standard

Study the cut of a company’s jib for any spell and you’ll see where it puts the emphasis of its engineering and manufacturing expertise. It’s pretty simple to deduce with RISE Armament, it always comes back to the bang switch. You can’t hold the gunmaker’s target intensification on the trigger against them. Few other facets of an AR play as big a role in overall accuracy and performance than that little thing dangling at the bottom of the lower.

RA-140 RA-140 Flat Super Sporting

RISE continued to cater to shooters’ tastes recently, expanding its RA-140 Super Sporting line of single-stage triggers with a flat trigger option. Becoming more common in recent years, flat triggers are generally heralded as providing more real-estate for the trigger finger, thus facilitating more control and a cleaner pull. Furthermore, they create a longer reach, in turn, shooters – especially those with big mitts – don’t have to scrunch their hands into an arthritic claw to get on the trigger.

“We’ve had a lot of customer requests for a low-cost, high-performance straight trigger, so we’re excited to provide that with the RA-140 Flat,” said Matt Torres, president of RISE Armament. “Everyone has a style and feel they prefer when it comes to triggers, so we want to make sure we’re giving customers what they want.”

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Like the rest of the series of drop-in triggers, the RA-140 Flat Super Sporting comes in at a relatively affordable price – MSRP $139. By factory specs, the 2.6-ounce unit has a 3.5-pound pull weight and comes with anti-walk pins, to keep the unit tight as a drum. The drop-in trigger works with any AR-15 or AR-10 platform and is made of CNC machined tool steel and aircraft-grade aluminum.

For more information on RA-140 Flat Super Sporting trigger, please visit www.risearmament.com.

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