NAGR: Is ATF Illegally Running Guns to Mexico?

NAGR: Is ATF Illegally Running Guns to Mexico?

Is ATF Running Guns to Mexico?Federal law enforcement is conspiring against your rights.

It sounds like a plot-line from a bad action movie on late night cable.

Unfortunately, it’s also true.

David Codrea from The Examiner has put together an astonishing work of investigative journalism showing just how deep and tangled the web of lies is that the ATF has woven.

Originally, the ATF – using their “Project Gunrunner” – set out to show just how many firearms were being bought in the United States and smuggled into Mexico.

But the numbers didn’t add up quite the way the ATF wanted them to, so…

…they made up their own.

In an ongoing investigation he dubbed “Project Gunwalker,” Codrea has obtained evidence that the ATF not only made up some of the numbers, but they openly allowed several weapons to walk across the border in the hands of drug-runners so they could pad their stats and secure more funding.

I wish I were making this up, but sadly, it gets worse.

According to ATF agents, one of the firearms allowed to cross the border illegally was used in a December 2010 shooting…

…A shooting that cost the life of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

The articles on The Examiner go into much more detail, but for me, this was more than enough.

An over-funded, power-hungry and entirely unnecessary law enforcement agency enables criminals to do their worst simply so they can grab even more funding and power.

And a law enforcement agent loses his life in the process.

It has become so bad within the ATF that numerous agents have refused to step forward to tell their story due to their concerns regarding how high up in the Justice Department this scandal could go.

Maybe all the way to the top. Read more

Source: National Association for Gun Rights

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  3. This situation makes me think of the period of time when the CIA was importing cocaine from Nicaragua to Los Angeles. They denied it for years until Gary Webb authored the Dark Alliance piece. The CIA was undermining our security with their own interests. Now the ATF is doing the same. We don’t need more legislation, we need to cut funding to these agencies to keep them from doing more massive amounts of damage to our country.


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